This is the solution for those who want complete control over all machine parameters, from the automation of workstations to the degree of expansion, from separate ventilation to the independent regulation of relative humidity and temperature, module by module.
Thanks to sophisticated sensors, One is the only machine in the world capable of detecting the absolute hide moisture, that is, its water content by weight. Being able to rely on this and other exclusive, patented features, means the hides leave the machine perfectly dry with the desired residual moisture, soft and ready to be conditioned, having been dried in a ventilated, low-temperature environment.

In order to preserve the natural quality of the hide and avoid unwanted grain loosening, it is, in fact, important to work at temperatures near but never above 38–40°C    . This knowledge has led to the evolution of these machines and unprecedented results, never before achieved by other toggle dryers.

The soft drying guaranteed by One means that after trimming and stretching, the hides can be sent straight for finishing without needing to be moistened to restore the necessary water content, as is normally the case with traditional, less technologically advanced toggle dryers.



In addition to the existing features of the new standard CTU, the One model also includes:

  • special sensors to detect the moisture content of hides entering and leaving the oven
  • heat recovery and/or dehumidification systems to automatically regulate the ideal humidity level based on the set recipe
  • an additional internal circuit for air exchange and automatic holding of the set humidity at the outlet
  • single or double half-frame expansion, and therefore in four steps and adjustable, either in cm or kg, for real control of the traction exerted on the hide fibres depending on the product
  • a control panel to manage the parameters and recipes with viewing of the functions and historical trend on the 10” touch-screen interface connected to the company network to meet industry 4.0 requirements