This machine was developed following an auspicious intuition in response to the practical need to improve the quality of finished leathers. This would be achieved by stretching them over a wire frame held in position with clips, where they would then stay, in a heated environment at a controlled temperature, for the time necessary to obtain a smoother, softer, and rounder hand.

This process also adds aesthetic value thanks to the possibility to flatten the grain and remove any defects and creasing caused by earlier processing.

This machine also allows the acquisition and consolidation of important surface gains (on average 1.5–1.8% on the finished product and 4–6% on the crust) and considerably improves the cutting yield on automatic machines.


Technical features:

  • heated drying tunnel heated by steam coils, diathermic oil or burners with a methane gas, LPG or diesel boiler
  • 4, 8 or 12 high-performance fans with closed-loop air recirculation
  • available in configurations with 50 or 60 frames
  • ergonomic workstation posing no risk to safety
  • frame size suitable for all types of hides from full cowhides to bovine and calfskin sides, and even crusts, sheep and ram skins; there are also special versions for alligator and crocodile or reptile skins in general
  • pneumatic expansion of the half-frames, adjustable either manually or from the operator panel
  • modulating control of air temperature and relative humidity with humidity extractor fans
  • productivity from 60 to more than 180 hides/hour depending on the product and size of the skins